Guide to Flower Care

Elgin Flowers is pleased to say that they offer many gorgeous flower bouquets for all occasions. In order to ensure their quality is long lasting and that your flowers stay beautiful for as long as possible, you may wish to follow some tips to ensure that your flower arrangements lasts as long as it should. Our beautiful, first-rate quality flowers will continue to impress for even longer as long as you follow some simple flower care instruction. In each of our Elgin flower orders you can expect a “Flower Care Guide” booklet which will advise you fully on the best way to look after your beautiful flower bouquet. Upon arrival, your flowers may take up to 24 hours to reach their full potential and open up and bloom properly.

Obviously due to the different types of flowers that we supply, some will bloom earlier than others and the results may vary. This is because certain flowers within your arrangement may have tight buds which will open up with time with the right conditions. However when they do open they are guaranteed to look absolutely splendid as here at Flowers Elgin we are committed to providing first rate flowers in all of our bouquets, no matter what occasion. In addition, it is also suggested by our talented florists in Elgin to take all the excess foliage and leaves from below the waterline of your intended vase. This is to reduce the bacteria within the water which can affect the ability of your flowers to drink the water. Gerberas in particular can be adversely affected by excess bacteria in the water.

Preparing Your Elgin Flowers For Display

Another tip that is suggested by our Elgin florists is to tend to the flowers upon their arrival to ensure they are looking their best for the maximum amount of time. In order to do this, it is best advised to trim your flowers on arrival as this will help them bloom for a longer period of time. This is to ensure that if the stem is not taking up water that the dried stem is cut off to allow the water to be taken up.  This would ensure your flowers retain their shape and freshness for much longer and helps maintain the absolutely stunning flower arrangement. This is very simply done and all you need to do is cut off approximately 2 cm from the base of the flowers and foliage as this will ensure that your flowers do not dry out. Our florists in Elgin would also recommend cutting at a 45 degree angle is best as this gives a good surface area for the flower stem to drink the water. A larger surface area will ensure you give your flowers are able to take up as much water and it is the best possible change to stay fresh. We do not recommend smashing the stems of your flowers or pierce as this can damage the water vessels in the stem and hamper the absorption of the water.  Temperature and Display Area Temperature is also an important consideration in order to keep your flower arrangement looking its best and should be paid attention to.

Elgin Flowers recommend that you keep your flowers at a temperature of at most 18-22 Celsius which will ensure that your flowers do not will. This often happens in higher temperatures and can affect the shape and colour of the flower which is important to avoid. Kept in a cooler place, your flowers will last longer, especially if they are kept away from direct sunlight and away from any warm areas such as radiators. Leaving them somewhere to warm will result in the flowers being damaged and will leave them withered. If you have any queries about your flowers and how to care for them, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert florists and we will aid in any way we can. Once your flowers have been unwrapped you can then prepare them to be placed in an exquisite vase of your choosing. Ensure that the container is clean and filled with lukewarm water so as to aid the flow of water through the stem of the flower.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority so our florists in Elgin will do everything they can to ensure you are well informed about your flowers and know exactly how to look after them. Our expert florists have over 40 years of experience working with flowers so will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may – simply reach us by phone or by email and a member of the team would be delighted to take your query and ensure that you are satisfied with your service.